Best Practice

Helping Hand For Dombari Tribe

Dombari is another scheduled tribe of India who perform gymnastics on the roads to earn a livelihood. They too have not been trained for still they are best in their work.Till the era of 2023 Domari tribe living very poor life.They doesn't get Education...as they are not aware about the benefits of education.Because of that our college arranges the social program withe the students.The main objective of the college to aware them about Education and cleanliness.

Every year Jai Shriram College of education Shikrapur,Pune . Arranges an awareness program for Dombari tribe to aware them about Education and cleanliness.As they are living non recognising till the age.The people of Dombari tribe do not get proper employment due to lack of Education.They suffer from many hazardous deseases due to lack of cleanliness.

Our students & staff every year go to visit the Dombari wasti .They explain them importance of Education and cleanliness and they do study about their lifestyle.Free food items, clothes,books and notebooks are also given to them.Our students teach the children of Domabari Samaj.

This initiative of Jai Shriram College of Education is a great platform to serve the Society.

Free Art of Living course

It is a blessing if a person is born with no health issues. Yet, no one should take advantage of being healthy and be overconfident. Being healthy is about having good physical health and being mentally and socially fit. A healthy person can be more focused and more determined and can lead a happy life.

Through our programs we try to empower kids, youth and adults to learn to find inner stability, strength, and kindle human values inborn in each individual. Our global holistic approach works with scientifically proven tools, such as the Sudarshan Kriya and the Art of Living Intuition process as well as yoga and meditation.

Art of living programs are arranged by the institute in the holiday period of Diwali and summer holiday.We invite train teachers of are of living. They take sessions for 7- 10 days and teach the people about the importance of Yoga & Meditation.Our staff also takes benefit of its.

Actual practice of the program starts with Dhyan and the meditation. Sudarshan Kriya which has the healing power is teach by the Guru's.Then the importance of Yoga and meditation is explained.The course also teaches peace and harmony.The course helps in maintaining harmonious relationships with parents, family, friends & community in order to experience a good, peaceful, and mutually happy life. setting for life. decency, and strengthen responses to unjust conditions. to promote effective living in this precious world.Many from our students and the other people living healthy life and adopting positive attitude towards their career in teaching and learning.