Anti-Ragging Committee

Responsibilities of Anti Ragging Squad

Under the supervision of the Anti-Ragging Committee, an anti-ragging squad is in operation. Squad is a part of the anti-ragging committee which also includes following members/stakeholders. It maintains surveillance and prevents any ragging incidents that might occur or be reported in areas where students congregate, such as classrooms, canteens, libraries, etc. As a result, Squad always assists the committee in taking timely decisions.

Disciplinary action to be taken
  • Suspension from classes and academics
  • Removing financial aid and other benefits
  • Excluding them from participating in any examinations, tests, or other evaluation procedures withholding the results
  • Admission revocation with notification to parents
1 Dr. Archana Desai Chairman
2 Prof. Ramesh Gujar In-charge
3 Nitin Kalamkar Member
4 Aparna Mete Member
5 Deepak Parkhe Student Representative
Important links
1 https://www.antiragging.in/home.aspx Anti-ragging Website
2 https://ugc.ac.in/page/videos-Regarding-Ragging.aspx UGC Website
3 https://www.antiragging.in/Site/Affidavits_registration_form.aspx Fill Anti-ragging online Affidavit
4 http://www.unipune.ac.in/snc/womens_studies_centre/icc/pdf/SalientFeaturesoftheSexualHarassmentofWomenatWorkplace.pdf Internal Complaint Committees and Policies

Internal Complaint Committee

The institute abides by the guidelines laid down by UGC to establish the Internal Complaint Committee against violence against employees/students at the institute. Jai Shriram College of Education Pune has zero tolerance policy against discrimination and sexual harassment.

Responsibilities of the Institution
  • To provide an environment free of gender-based discrimination.
  • To ensure equal access to everyone for all facilities and participation in activities of the college.
  • To organize various programs to raise awareness about sexual harassment in its various forms and to defeat it.
  • To evolve a mechanism for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment cases and other acts of gender-based violence in the college.
  • To ensure that the mechanism for registering complaints is safe, accessible, and sensitive.
  • To take cognizance of complaints about sexual harassment, conduct enquiries, provide assistance.
  • To seek medical, police, and legal intervention, if required with the consent of the complainant.
  • To provide appropriate psychological, emotional, and physical support to the victim, if required.
  • The complaint committee is responsible for redressal of a complaint made by any girl students to ensure time bound treatment.
1 Dr. Archana Desai Director
2 Prof. Aparna Mete Chairperson
3 Ramesh Gujar Member
4 Shubhangi Pawar Member
5 Priti Rohatgi Member

Grievance Redressal Committee

As per UGC guidelines, a Grievance Redressal Cell has been formulated at the institute to resolve the grievances of students. The student can raise their grievance by submitting the complaint in the Complaint Box or by application to the cell member. The Grievance Redressal Cell works effectively and in a time-bound manner.

  1. The student/Staff can submit their grievance at the complaint box or can be submitted by application to the cell member.
  2. The complaint will be redressed by Grievance Redressal Cell at the earliest.
  3. The result of the grievance Redressal is informed to the complainant.
  4. Director has the authority to reconsider the grievance if any.
1 Dr. Archana Desai Director
2 Prof. Aparna Mete Chairperson
3 Ramesh Gujar Member
4 Shubhangi Pawar Member

Right To Information Act

Implementation of the "Right to Information Act 2005" in the Universities/College

This is to declare that the college follows 4(1) (B) of RTI Act 2005 issued and amended time to time Jai Shriram College of Education Pune has constituted the committee as follows

1 Dr. Archana Desai Director 9011001372
2 Babasaheb Gund Chairperson 8275268279
3 Ramesh Gujar Member 9767726229
4 Shubhangi Pawar Member 7447307896

Application Form

1. Name of Applicant :
2. Address of Applicant :
3. Email Address :
4. Contact Number :
5. Educational Qualification of Applicant :
6. Topic and Brief Explanation :